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Do you offer a money back guarantee?

At Luther Bennett we work hard to ensure that our customers are happy to recommend us to others. Our intention is to deliver the highest level of customer service, and total clarity in all communications. If you have changed your mind about the purch

Can I track my order?

Click here to track your order. All parcels are delivered within a few of days of purchase. However if you would like to see the exact where about of your delivery you can always use our tracking service. Click the link above or use the page on the d

What size of dog is the Pod suitable for?

There are two sizes to choose from:. - The Travel Dog Pod. - The XL Pet Pod. The Travel Dog Pod is suitable for use as a bed and car seat for dogs no larger than 16kg. If it is only going to be used as a car seat, then you could fit a slightly larger

Can the bed be washed?

Yes. You can hand-wash the Luther Bennett Travel Pod. This is best done by hand in cool water. We don't recommend washing above 30°C / 86°F. However you can reduce the need to do this by maintaining the outer skin on an ongoing basis. We recommend th

How long does shipping take? UK

We have just upgraded our shipping big time! No longer have to wait over a week for a delivery. We now offer 3-5 day shipping free of charge. If you have questions contact us by email at [email protected]

Will we be making any products for larger dogs?

Yes, we will! Due to the high demand we should be launching products for larger dogs very soon. So just leave your email at the bottom of the page and we will keep you in the loop.

Do we ship internationally?

Ordering from our store is easy. We send packages every day all over Europe, and the UK. FREE & EXPRESS UK 🚚. 2 DAY USA SHIPPING 🇺🇸. Enjoy £10 shipping when ordering to Europe 😱. EUROPEAN CUSTOMS FEES ARE ALWAYS PAID BY THE RECEIVER. If you need

Can you carry the pod whilst the dogs are in it?

The answer is no. Whilst our beds are made to be super durable and strong they are not designed to carry the load of a dog from the handles. This could cause the stitching to come loose and rip from the bed and unfortunately the customer will have to

How do I put my bed together and install into the car?

Hey there,. Upon the purchase of your Dog Pod you should have received a series of emails from [email protected] explaining everything, you need to know about your new purchase. Unfortunately with new GDPR regulations and stricter mailbox rules

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