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How to set up the Dog Pod on the back seat.Updated 9 months ago

Dog Pod Setup in the Backseat

Yes, you can set up your Dog Pod in the backseat with ease! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare the Seat:

    • Begin by lowering the backseat of your car (refer to the attached image for guidance).
    • Take one of the straps and loop it around the now accessible back portion of the seat.
    • Return the seat to its upright position, ensuring the strap stays in place.

  2. Position the Pod:

    • Place the Dog Pod on the car seat so that the logo and zippers are facing the front of the car.
  3. Secure the Pod:

    • Locate the D-rings on the sides of the Pod, just above the side pockets.
    • Attach the strap you placed around the back of the seat to these D-rings.
  4. Attach the Top Strap:

    • Find the additional D-ring on top of the Pod, near the handle.
    • Loop the second strap around the headrest of the seat and fasten it to this D-ring, then pull to tighten.
  5. Safety for Your Pup:

    • Now, bring your dog into the Pod and ensure they are comfortable.
    • Use the safety leash provided to connect their harness to another D-ring located inside the Pod.
  6. Double Check:

    • You will have an extra safety leash available for another furry friend or as a spare.
    • Ensure everything is secure: the Pod shouldn't move and your dog should be safely harnessed inside.

And there you go! Your Dog Pod is now securely installed, and you’re ready for a safe journey with your canine companion. 

If you need any more assistance or have questions about the setup process, we're here for you. Just reach out!

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